British Kate Princess has an elegant and dignified personality traits, but also has a compact and meticulous skin. This comes from her very focused on the effectiveness of beauty care, so she earn the reputation of the beauty of the Queen, making her as the world's attention and admiration of learning model! This is also matched to K Royale Beauty Salon’s business philosophy which located at Johor Bahru District – hoping every customers can create their own charm and temperament, thus emitting confident beauty among public. Besides, K Royale Beauty Salon possess strict process towards their beauty products, beauty treatments and beauty practices! Carefully selecting the most natural products, especially health regimen which make every unique customer even more beautiful from inside to outside and also provide customers with a comprehensive range of treatment and quality service. It brings comfort and pressure-releasing, so making every distinguished customers have a safe, healthy, long-term natural beauty.


What CEO say

K Royale Beauty Salon CEO 'When you earn the success, do not forget the person who has helped you before'
Thankfully, I never put ''When you earn the success, do not forget the person who has helped you before’ behind me, and make it as a business philosophy and values, concepts and business ethics to operate this beauty salon. Reflected in the operating system, my request to the beautician is very strict and picky, I hope to bring customers enjoying the unique consumer experience, a real comfortable place for relaxation. This is also inseparable from the design of store environment, I emphasize the interior design combined with Chinese and Western style in order to cater to different consumer groups and experience. This fully reflects the commercial value of the K Royale Beauty Salon’ brand values and personalized high-end services.


Our mission:

To create health and beauty, love-spreading and joy.


Our values:

Focused on talent, teamwork, advancing with the times

Our business philosophy:

Customer first, and excellence services .


Our entrepreneurial spirit:

Love, healthy and happy, sincere and confident

Our Goal

At present, the goal of our beauty salon is to create * 5Star * luxury beauty salons, continuing our notion 'give me a chance to serve you to earn eternally beautiful life' as the business purpose of our beauty salon.